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Care ofFine Silk Sheeting, duvet cover

Thank youfor selecting Empress Silk. Silk isluxurious fabric providing natural comfort and durability. To help retain the natural attributes andfeel of your new silk bedding, please refer to the following care instructions: 


Empress Silk sheets,duvet covers / comforter covers and pillowcases are machine washable. Use thedelicate cycle and wash in cold water with like colors. Do not bleach. Wash silk separately from other fabrics. Itmay also be tumble dry in low heat, delicate cycle.


Handlaundering in lukewarm water with mild soap or gentle detergent. Wash individually with a gentle hand movementand rinse in lukewarm or cold water. Donot soak or rinse to long. To dry, rollthe silk between towels to remove excess water and lay flat to dry. Never wring water from silk or line dry. 


If required, pressthe inside/reverse side of dampened silk with an iron set at low.

Care of Silk-Filled Comforters

EmpressSilk comforters are filled with multiple layers of silk floss providing warmth,breathability and natural comfort.

Silk covered silk floss-filled-comforter - Dry Clean

Remove duvet cover (duvet covers are washable) and spot clean the comforter with mild detergent and cold water. Do not bleach or line dry. If necessary silk comforters can be professionally dry-cleaned. Please consult with your dry cleaner to ensure that only the surface, not the silk floss, is dry-cleaned.

Cotton covered silk-floss-filled comforter - Washable

The new washable silkcomforter is designed for the easy living. This silk floss was specially pulledand stitched and with the cotton shell, it is washable. Please use mild detergentwith cold water in gentle cycle for washer setting and low heat tumble dry ingentle cycle for dryer setting

General properties of Silk-Filled Bedding

Uponremoving your new silk filled bedding product from the package, you may noticean unfamiliar odor. This normal occurrence is the natural scent of silk,intensified as a result of being sealed in protective plastic bag. Be assured that with daily usage and properventilated storage this scent will completely dissipate and not reoccur.

If youprefer to hasten this process, Empress Silk recommends spinning the silkbedding with a sheet of fabric softener in a dryer set on low for about 20-30minutes. Or you may simply hang on aline in a sunny or well-ventilated area for a day or two.

Again,please be assured this scent is natural to all pure silk and not the result ofchemical treatment.