100% Mulberry Silk Comforter - Silk Cover with Silk Fill

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  • 100% mulberry silk comforter shell with pure silk floss fill.
  • Extremely comfortable with a soft and natural drape
  • Simple yet elegant ring stitched design secures silk floss from shifting
  • Winter Weight and All Season Weight Comforters available
  • Traditional and over-sized dimensions available
    Woven of the finest 100% long-yarn silk and filled with pure hand layered silk floss, Empress Silk comforters combine exceptional comfort with unparalleled quality. The hand-layered silk floss maintains uniform distribution throughout and therefore retains its natural ability to breath, drape and contour, thus eliminating cold spots, reducing humidity and providing year-round comfort.  Other fills, such as feather down or synthetics, tend to shift or bunch, break through the comforter shell and rely on bulk for warmth.  Silk is naturally hypoallergenic therefor making them a great option for allergy and asthma suffers.  Moreover, Empress Silk comforters are not dyed nor chemically treated during the manufacturing process.
    Silk Fill – Weight Options:
    • Winter Weight Comforters use more silk floss fill and are therefore heavy and warmer. These are best for colder climates/months. 
    • Spring Weight Comforter use comparatively less silk floss fill and are lighter.  These are best for warmer climates/months in addition for light-weight comfort in air conditioned rooms.
    Please consider the climate in which you live and the level of heat/cool at which you keep a bedroom when choosing between the different fill weights.  We encourage our customers to contact us directly for assistance in choosing the proper comforter weight.
    Sizes and Dimensions:
    • Traditional Sizes/Dimensions:  Twin 68 x 86", Full 76 x 86", Queen 88 x 90", King 104 x 90".
    • Oversize Sizes/Dimensions (accommodate deeper mattresses):   Twin 78 x 88", Queen 90 x 94", King 108 x 96"
    Color:  Natural,  best described as ivory with a touch of grey.
    Care: Dry Clean